IELTS Speaking Topics - Top 10 Possible Topics

Possible IELTS speaking topics that will help you prepare for the IELTS Exam.

It is very important that students preparing for the IELTS practice a lot of IELTS speaking topics before taking the exam. In this way, students can be confident and can face the exam much more easily. The speaking module of the IELTS is a test of the student's communication skills. The interviewer observes if the student can interact and communicate effectively. Students need to speak in clear, concise sentences and focus on the topic. To help students learn more about IELTS speaking topics, a few examples of the possible topics are listed below:

1. A brief introduction of the student. Introduce yourself but keep it short and try to build rapport with the examiner.

2. Describe your native place and what do you like about it?

3. Contrast the features of your home town with any other place. Only use a few key points that you are most familiar with and can talk about comfortably.

4. Speak about the current education system in your country? What are the pros and cons? keep to the main points only and ensure you points are clear.

5. How will you change the education system? Give points and reasons for your points.

6. Describe your work place? What is your position and how do you contribute to the overall performance of the company?

7. Describe the employment process in your country.

8. Discuss about the roles of men and women in your country.

9. What is your opinion about brain-drain? How do you think it will affect the overall economy of a country?

10. Which is the one country you desire to visit and what makes it special? Try and come up with some interesting answers as so often the answers are so common that they be boring.

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