Syllabus Used In Landmark Forum Programs

In the orientation part of landmark education, you are introduced to some of the issues that one should be keen on during landmark forum. They include the notion of always listening, that of hidden context, vicious cycle and rackets. Always listening involves your assumption that you are always listening yet there are issues that can be spoken and filtered due to cognition or world view. Another concept in the landmark forum is context's hidden power. This involves the fact that there are limits placed upon our lives based on the context that we live in, perceive as well as that which is not perceived. Vicious cycle involve the manner with which what has happened is collapsed to become the way it is. This gives us acceptance of our circumstances. You are also informed in the orientation of a landmark education program that involves complaints that we often make; though justified but do nothing about them. This leads to lack of self fulfillment. It is these misconceptions that one is advised against when attending a landmark forum.

Landmark education has a program that lasts 3 days and one evening session. Day one covers the topics; illusion of someday, myths of us and I, opening new worlds, freedom from anxiety, and construction of identities. The first topic of landmark forum involves looking at the possibility in the immediate as opposed to an illusion that it may happen someday. In the second landmark forum topic the identity as well as experiences of the past is looked into. You then seem to deconstruct the identity you have created for yourself in the past. The third topic in landmark education deals with the need to look into the need to get new skills that may open up new doors. This also involves having the knowledge to know which skills these are. Fear cripples action; this is due to the fact that we predict what will happen before it does. The fourth topic of the landmark education seeks to help one search for inner strengths. Identity construction is deconstructed when we learn what factors led to its initial construction that led to limitation and how to overcome this.

Day two of the landmark forum deals with how persuasive past experience can become and how one can rid themselves of the persuasion. The second topic on this day of the landmark education forum deals with the difference between change and transformation. Change is looked at alterations of the past; therefore, past based. Conversely, transformation is seen to be an invention of something new. The view of change limits one to viewing the present transformation from a past perspective. Topic three portrays language as a creative act that would enable one to view communication skills in a new light. Landmark education topic four helps you know that you always have a choice. On the third day of the landmark forum, you as the participant invite a guest and the day is about dialogue on the new possibilities you have in life and the benefits to acquire from the landmark forum. Breakthroughs, transformations and new possibilities are looked into in this penultimate session of the landmark education program. The landmark education you have received should then on be applied in your life.

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